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We are family owned business of Fort Sheridan IL with a purpose of designing your kitchen and bathroom with YOU in mind. A perfect kitchen or bathroom must achieve the balance of FUNCTIONALITY, STYLE and BUDGET. To us, the service is as important as the quality of our products. To ease the stress of home remodeling projects for our customers, we provide guidance through out your project.


When you wake up in the morning and shuffle to your bathroom to switch on the light, what do you see? A tiny shower? An oddly placed commode? You may want a spa-like oasis to refresh and unwind, but your current bathroom may be far from it. Unfortunately, so many bathrooms original to the home are not designed with you in mind.

Small spaces like bathrooms can be transformed with smart design and renovation. You can maximize the space in a bathroom with natural lighting, recessed shelving, or by reconfiguring the floor plan.

If you’re tired of your bathroom not being the luxury retreat you want, we would love to hear your remodeling ideas.

Ready to make your dream kitchen or bathroom a reality, but not sure where to start? We service Fort Sheridan IL and we are here to help! At Stone Cabinet Works, we give you all the tools and support you will need to bring your remodel to life. Fill out this form to talk one-on-one with your local expert designer. This service is unique and absolutely free with no obligation to buy. We’re excited to meet you and get you started on your dream kitchen!

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